Transferring Funds

Transferring your account to us.

Complete the appropriate form below and send it to us. In addition, please also include a photocopy of your latest statement from your current brokerage.

Update your banking information for Electronic Funds Transfers.

If you would like to add or update a chequing account (such as a US bank account), send us a completed EFT form and a void cheque (or an Account Confirmation Letter completed by your financial institution).

  • Electronic Funds Transfer Form (link new bank account)
  • Account Confirmation Letter (to confirm new banking information)
  • Things to be aware of:

    • US dollar deposits can be deposited by EFT, bank draft or cheque (issued from a Canadian financial institution). The minimum hold period for all US deposits will be 20 business days.

    • If you’re transferring money into your mutual fund on a regular basis use a Systematic Plan.

    • An EFT can take one to two business days to be reflected in your account.

    • You can place a trade in your trading account with the amount you transfer in immediately after you enter your EFT instructions.

    • Funds deposited into your trading account must be held for 10 business days before you can transfer them out.

    • US dollar EFT's can be made online through the Transfer Funds page, or requested by phone. US deposits can also be deposited by bank draft or personal cheque (issued from a Canadian financial institution). The minimum hold period for all US deposits is 20 business days.

Systematic plans for mutual funds.

A systematic plan for mutual funds lets you automatically buy or sell mutual funds units on a regular basis.

You choose the amount, the frequency, and the fund you want to buy or sell.

We automatically place your order and deposit or withdraw the cash into your chequing account on a regular basis. There’s no charge for this service.

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