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Relax this tax season, we’ve put some thought into the forms and key dates you’ll need.

2017 tax season - relax we have all the documents you need

Helpful information to prepare your income tax return

Credential is committed to proactively keeping you informed, so you can prepare for this 2017 tax season. Use this centralized location to access tax mailing schedules, important dates, your ##tax guide##, and some useful links and forms.


Document Target Mailing Date Actual Mailing Date
2017 ROY Contribution Receipt January 17, 2018
T4RSP/RL2 February 16, 2018
T4RIF/Rl2 February 16, 2018
T4A February 16, 2018
NR4 February 16, 2018
1st 60 Days Contribution Receipt March 17, 2018


Document Target Mailing Date Actual Mailing Date
1099-B,1099-DIV,1099-INT January 26, 2018
Mutual Fund Fee Summary February 23, 2018
T1135 (FAVR) February 28, 2018
T5/RL3 February 28, 2018
TDS February 28, 2018
T5008 February 28, 2018
NR4 March 23, 2018
T3/RL16 March 23, 2018
T5013/RL15 March 23, 2018

Important Dates

Description Dates
Final day for tax-loss selling of Canadian Equities and Mutual funds and US Equities for Canadian taxpayers. December 27, 2017
All Markets Closed December 25, 2017
Canadian Markets Closed December 26, 2017
2017 RRSP, RESP, & TFSA contribution deadlines
Last day for tax-loss selling of US or CDN equities for US taxpayers
Partner & Client Care Reduced Hours (6:00am-2:00pm PT)
December 29, 2017
All Markets Closed January 1, 2018
Martin Luther King Day January 16, 2018
( Family Day BC) - Markets Open February 12, 2018
(Family Day AB, SK, MB, ON, PE) – All Markets Closed February 19, 2018
RRSP Contribution Deadline (Contribution Limits) March 1, 2018
(Good Friday) - All Markets Closed March 30, 2018
(Easter Monday) - All Markets Open April 2, 2018
CRA Tax filing deadline for individuals, for the 2017 tax year April 30, 2018

Tax Guide

Your Guide to Tax Season outlines the tax slips and supporting documents that you may receive from Credential, depending on the investments and account types you have. To complete your tax return, you may receive additional documentation from other parties, including other financial entities with which you have investments or accounts.

We recommend that you have all your slips before filing your tax return and consult with a personal tax advisor for more detailed assistance, if necessary.  Additional information can be found on the Canada Revenue Agency at

Tax Guide


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