Staying secure.

We take great care in protecting the assets that matter most – yours. That’s why we take a number of security measures to help ensure the integrity of your account transactions, and account information.

Use the following tips to learn how you can help us keep your information and data safely secured.

Install and update anti-virus and anti-spyware protection.
A variety of anti-virus software packages are available on the market today. Many of these products install anti-virus updates to your computer automatically, as long as you have the update feature enabled.

Keep your computer, browser and browser plugins up-to-date.
Ensure your browser and its plugins and related programs have the latest security updates (they update often). Ensure your browser supports 128-bit encryption when accessing secure websites.

Use a home router and a PC firewall.
Use a home router to protect your home network from potential security threats. Home routers help prevent unauthorized access to your computer by filtering the information coming through your Internet connection. Also keep your PC firewall enabled as well (Windows should have this on by default).

Exercise simple prevention sense.
Be wary of email attachments, links in emails or links in instant messages that you are not expecting. They may be links to webpages that contain malware or documents that contain malware.

Login frequently to check recent transactions for suspicious behaviour.
Check your account(s) frequently and contact us immediately if you notice any suspicious activity in your account. Once you sign in you can check your account history to confirm log in dates, times, and browser types to detect anything that might be off.

Be very cautious when using public networks or computers.
Take extra precautions when using public computers and Wi-Fi networks like the ones at internet cafes or free Wi-Fi hotspots. These internet access points are targets for keyloggers and other software designed to capture your keystrokes in an attempt to steal your confidential information.  And, because these programs can go undetected, we highly recommend that you do not access your Credential Direct account from a foreign machine or Wi-Fi network.

Logout correctly after every online session.
Logout of your account(s) using the Logout link and close the browser after every session with Credential Direct. You’ll find the logout button on the top right hand side of each page. Also, clear your browser’s cached files and delete cookies stored on your machine regularly, recognizing that this will remove saved login information and prevent others from being able to view your information later.

Don’t send confidential information by email.
Do not include confidential information such as account numbers or other personal information in email messages. Because email inquiries are not encrypted, others could potentially view the contents of your message.

Protect your login information.
Keep your login information, including your password, confidential. Never disclose your login information to anyone, including family members, friends or Credential Direct employees. Make sure you carefully select a unique password, choosing character combinations that would be very difficult for someone to guess, and change your password regularly. Never write down your password, store it on your computer or keep a poorly disguised record of it.

Assist us with any investigations.
Provide us with your cooperation and assistance into any investigations regarding the improper use of your account, which may include filing a police report, responding thoroughly to inquiries from us or from applicable authorities, providing certain documentation that we may require, and permitting access to your computer or other electronic devices if such access is relevant to your claim.

The Access Security Guarantee will not apply where you have failed to comply with your responsibilities outlined above. It will apply only to unauthorized activity in your account, where a transaction was carried out without your knowledge, authorization or permission and where it can be established that you were a victim of theft, fraud or coercion.

In order to be eligible for reimbursement, you may be required to assign certain rights to us regarding the unauthorized transactions. You may not be eligible to receive a reimbursement from us if you are entitled to be reimbursed by another source. The amount and type of reimbursement that you are eligible for will be determined by us at our discretion and the Access Security Guarantee does not apply with respect to any tax consequences, legal fees, or any indirect, special, consequential or non-monetary damages.

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