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Knowledge is the ultimate trading tool, and quote data is one of our trading platform features that help you maximize it.  As a Credential Direct investor, you have access to 15 minute delayed quotes or you can sign up to get quotes in real-time. This guide will help you get started on the sign up process, and help you identify if you’re a Pro or Non-Pro user for real-time data purposes.

Sign me up!
The Real-Time Quote Agreement is an annual online process that you can begin by clicking on the real-time link on the quote page, or in the left-hand footer of the trading website. You’ll fill out information about your identity, occupation and answer several questions to confirm that you’re not a brokerage firm professional (or Pro). Once you’ve completed your chosen exchange agreements and certified that you’re not a Pro, you’ll have instant access to real-time quotes. If you are considered a Pro, you’ll need to contact us ( or 1-877-742-2900) to start a manual agreement process.

I already signed up, why am I back to 15 minute delayed quotes?
Credential Direct has switched to a new quote provider, which requires clients to sign new agreements as their previous exchange agreements have expired. In the agreements, the stock exchanges require clients to certify that they are a Pro or Non-Pro for real-time data purposes. This will be an annual certification for each client using real-time quotes.

 I work in the brokerage industry. Am I automatically a Pro?
While all employees of IIROC firms are considered Pro, the exchanges do not classify administrative staff as Pros for real-time quote purposes. Generally, you’re considered a Pro for the exchanges if you are an IA, IR, RR, Assistant, Partner, Director, Officer or other Executive of a brokerage firm, or work on the trading desk of a brokerage firm.

 I am a Pro and want real-time quotes
Please contact us ( or 1-877-742-2900) to start the process with our quote provider, Quote Media, to subscribe to real-time quotes for one or more of the exchanges. You’ll need to manually complete paper copies of the exchange agreements and arrange for a payment method with Quote Media. We’ll get the ball rolling for you, but note this process will take a couple of weeks to complete.

How much does it cost?
Credential Direct covers the fees charged by the stock exchanges for clients who are not brokerage firm industry professionals. If you’re considered a Pro for real-time data purposes, you’ll need to pay for the cost of real-time quotes by completing the agreements with Quote Media.

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