Managing your account.

As the famous song goes, “the account details, they are a-changing”.

Okay, fine – no song goes like that, and we apologize for badly paraphrasing a classic just to make some sub-par wordplay. But everyone does need to update their account information from time to time. Whether that’s changing a password, updating your address, or adding a beneficiary, here’s some how-to guides on making important changes to your Credential Direct accounts.


How to Change Your Password

This is an easy one! Go to My Profile, then click Account Settings to change your password.


How to Change Your Address

(Note: This information can also be found under FAQ’s: How Do I Change My Address?)

This is pretty simple too. You can change your address by one of the two following methods:

  • Log in to your account and change your address in Account Settings
    • To access Account Settings, click on your name in the top-right corner of the page.
      • Note: You only need to click the ‘Submit’ button once.
    • Please allow 2 business days for processing.
  • Complete the Address Change form, found in the ‘Most used administration forms’ section of the Forms page
    • The Address Change form can be faxed to 877.742.2901, scanned to, or mailed to Credential Direct at: 700-1111 W. Georgia St., Vancouver, BC. V6E 4T6.

Please allow 2 business days for processing. Note: For security reasons, we cannot accept address changes over the phone.


How Do I Change the Beneficiary On My Registered Account?

If you want to change or update the information of a beneficiary on your registered Credential Direct investment account, you can complete a Designation of Beneficiary form, which we’ve made available on our site. Note: this form cannot be accepted electronically, and must be received in hard copy with the original signatures. When ready, please mail the completed form to 700-1111 W. Georgia St., Vancouver, BC.  V6E 4T6.


How Do I Change My Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Banking Info?

Complete the Electronic Funds Transfer Form, located in “Transferring Funds” section of the Forms page.

  • On Page 1, you need to complete the ‘Investor Information’ and ‘Banking Information’ sections, and can leave ‘Transaction Types’ blank
  • In the ‘Banking Information’ section, you will select either ‘New’ if you are adding a bank account, or ‘Change’ if you are replacing your existing bank account. (Don’t forget to select the currency!)
  • If the joint bank account holder is different from the joint investor, the joint bank account holder will sign the form in the ‘Banking Information’ section
  • If the joint bank account holders are the same as the joint investment account holders, both will sign in the ‘Investor Authorization’ section
  • This form must be accompanied by either a Void Cheque (connected to your new bank account) or an Account Confirmation Letter. The confirmation letter must be completed in full with all relevant CAD$ or USD$ chequing or saving account information.

The completed forms can be faxed to 1.877.742.2901, scanned to, or mailed to Credential Direct at 700-1111 W. Georgia St., Vancouver, BC. V6E 4T6. Please allow 2 business days for processing – once completed, you will see your new bank account in the list of accounts in the ‘Transfer Funds’ tab for the relevant account group.


How to Close Your Account

First, let us say that we’d hate to see you go. At Credential Direct, we take our commitment to a great customer experience seriously. If you’re unsatisfied about something related to your account or portfolio, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1.877.742.2900.

If you’ve decided to close your account, please follow these steps. First, ensure that your account is empty – i.e., all securities have been sold and cash has been transferred out.

Once your account is empty, email from your log-in email address (include account numbers you’d like closed in your email), or phone us at 1.877.742.2900

If you require assistance logging in, selling your securities, or transferring out your cash, call us anytime at 1.877.742.2900.

If you’ve tried to sell all of your securities, and some cannot be sold, they may be inactive or defunct.  In this case:

If the securities have been inactive for at least 1 year, we should be able to remove them with no issue.

If your account is otherwise flat except for certain securities that cannot yet be removed, we will turn off Quarterly Administration Fees on your account–but in order to turn off the quarterly statement fees, you must log in to your account and switch to electronic documents in Accounts > eServices. If for whatever reason you are unable to log in to your account, please contact us.

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