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If I have questions about my account, can I talk to my credit union representative?

For the most accurate and timely information, we recommend that you contact us directly. Our investment representatives can answer all your questions.

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What is a Client ID?

Your Client ID is a 6 digit alphanumeric code that makes up the root of all your account numbers. It’s also called an Account Group. Ex. John Smith’s Client ID is 2V0000 being the first 6 characters of his Account number 2V0000A0.

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My address changed, how do I update it with you?

If you would like to change your address with Credential Direct please note we require either signed written notice or you may change it online under the My Profile > Account Settings.

You may also complete an Address Change or write a signed letter with your new address and contact information, then fax, scan/email, or mail it to Credential Direct.

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How do I update my bank information on file?

In order to update your banking information on record to complete electronic funds transfers (EFTs) please complete and fax, scan/email, or mail in the following items:

  1. Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization
  2. A copy of the void cheque or a Account Confirmation Letter from the chequing account you would like to add or change to.

Please allow 2 business days for processing.

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How do I change my Login password or my Trading Password?

Go to My Profile > Account Settings to change either password.

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I have multiple accounts with multiple trading passwords. Can I change them to have just one password?

Yes! Go to the Preferences tab in your Account Settings and make the changes under the “Trading Password” category. You can apply the same password to all account groups, just be sure to check the “Apply to all groups” box.

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How do I add options trading to my account?

Complete a New Account Application Form (Accounts > Open a New Account) and mail to us for processing. Please be sure to sign for All Account Types and Margin and Options trading on page 5 (in additional to any other required signature areas). If we have already cleared a cheque in your name and the banking information is the same then no new cheque will be required. If your ID has not expired since your last account opening then we can use the ID currently on file. However, if your ID has expired then a new copy of the updated ID will be required.

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How do I deregister funds or securities from my RSP or RIF?

To take money out of your RSP or RIF as a deregistration, please complete the RSP Deregistration and send it to us. In-kind deregistrations require cash to be available in the account to cover the Withholding Tax and Deregistration Fees. Phone us to discuss if you have any questions.

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How do I withdraw stocks from my account?

If you want to receive a stock certificate for securities in your account, phone a representative. The fee is $200 and takes about 2 weeks for delivery of Canadian Stock certificates and 4 weeks for delivery of U.S. stock certificates. Rush delivery is available for $400 plus GST. Allow 5 business days for delivery.

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