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Opportunities and action.

A suite of tools that will help you look deep into the market for the information and alerts you need to make the right move at the right time.

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Technical Alerts

Price & volume alerts.

Stay on top of the markets by receiving breaking stock alerts via email for pre-set price or volume targets.

Price and volume alerts

Technical insights & alerts.

Get trading ideas with daily technical pattern alerts on stocks you’re watching or on the day’s bullish and bearish performers.

Technical Alerts

Stock screener.

Find the stock that’s right for you. Use the Financial Screener to search company data for investing opportunities by assessing price, risk, revenue, earnings data and many other fundamental indicators.

Stock Screener

Interactive charting.

Support your trading strategy with dynamic, customizable charts to spot important trends.

Interactive charting


Make it easy to stay up to date on stocks that you’re interested in.

Watch Lists

Additional Features

Mutual fund screener

Options screener

Easy funding options

Plan, compare, analyze, and calculate.

Everything you need to thrive on the details driven world of a market analyst.

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Technical Analysis

Value analyzer.

Discover which stocks are good candidates for Value Investing —
a timeless strategy used by some of the world's most successful investors.

Value Analyzer

Options valuation.

Learn the true value of an option with the Options Valuation tool, which determines its theoretical price.

Options valuation

Technical analysis.

Spot key trends and possible entry and exit points using technical insights powered by Recognia, an industry leader in automated chart pattern recognition.

Technical Analysis

Research and learn.

Knowledge is the ultimate trading tool, and these features help you maximize it.

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Stock quotes and real time snapshots

Stock quotes & real time snapshots.

Whether you’re looking for a quick price update, the latest news, or a deep dive into financials, we have you covered.

Stock quotes and real time snapshots

Option chains.

Get the information you need faster, with our easy-to-search Options Chains. It helps you quickly define your option strategy with detailed information and quick buy and sell actions for near and longer term option contracts.

Option chains

Morningstar ETF research.

Get analyst picks and timely information that helps you tackle investment decisions, portfolio composition, and the advantages and disadvantages of a particular exchange traded fund.

Morningstar ETF Research

Independent & Morningstar company reports.

Go deep on your company research by getting the latest analyst reports created by Morningstar and a long list of independent sources.

Independent & Morningstar company reports

Additional Features

Commodity prices


Daily gainers, decliners, and most active

Economic calendar

Access to experts.

Do-it-yourself doesn’t mean do-it-alone. These features take you to the pros.

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Morningstar ETF Favorites

Morningstar equity portfolios.

Morningstar analysts create a list of detailed buy, hold, and sell ratings for blue chip stocks in Canada and the U.S. on a monthly basis.

Morningstar Equity Portfolios

Morningstar ETF Favourites.

Access a wealth of insights every month, including a list of ETFs the pros like.

Morningstar ETF Favorites

Support and updates.

A suite of tools that help you navigate the complexities of self-directed investing.

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Product how-to and support

Product how-to and support.

We offer a full suite of how-to resources that help you get the most out of our trading tool. Knowledge resources help you go from novice to expert, trade by trade.

Product how-to and support

Additional Features

Transaction history since inception

Industry newsletters

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