Open An Account Offline

If you’re an existing customer and you’d like to open a RIF, RESP, Locked-In, Estate, or Corporate account, the following steps will help you with that process.

Open an account offline:

1. Choose an account type.
2. Download and complete the required forms.
3. Use our new accounts checklist to ensure you have everything you need.
4. Mail your original and supporting documents to:

Credential Direct
700 – 1111 West Georgia St.
Vancouver, BC V6E 4T6

*If you’re opening an account with us for the first time, please click here.

Cash, Margin, RRSPs, and RRIFS.

TFSAs (individual account ownership only).

Corporate account.

  • • Account Application
  • • Account Agreements (read only)
  • • Corporate Resolution
  • • Non-Individual Accounts form
  • • RC521
  • • Account Guarantee (margin account only)
  • • Original W-8BEN-E
  • • W-8BEN-E Instructions
  • • Copy of articles of incorporation

    • Certificate of Incorporation issued within the last 12 months; or when certificate is older than 12 months, include one of these additional items:

      • Certificate of Corporate Status dated within the last 12 months
      • A record that has to be filed annually under provincial securities legislation
      • The corporation's published annual report signed by an independent audit firm
      • A letter or a notice of assessment for the corporation from a municipal, provincial, territorial or federal government
      • Any other 'current' public record that confirms the corporation's existence

    • $10 corporate cheque
    • $10 personal cheque and photocopy of valid picture ID from each person with trading authority signing the Corporate Resolution or Account Confirmation
    • Photocopy of valid picture ID from each Beneficial Owner indicated on the Officers, Directors, and Beneficial Owners form

  • • W-9

    Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification (This form is mandatory for each applicant that is a US Citizen or a US Resident)

Investment club or unincorporated group.

Informal in-trust account.

Simple formal trust account.

Grantor formal trust account.

Complex formal trust account.

Estate account.

Locked-in accounts (offline only).

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