What is the real-time agreement?

The Real-Time agreement is an annual online process for clients to upgrade from 15 minute delayed quotes to real-time quotes. Once you log into your account, click on the Real-time link on the quote page or in the left-hand footer of the trading website. You’ll be asked for information on your identify, your occupation, and then answer several questions to confirm that you are not a brokerage firm professional (Pro)*. Once you have completed the exchange agreements to certify that you are not a Pro you will have instant access to real-time quotes. There is no cost to Non-Pro clients to subscribe to real-time quotes. If you’re considered a Pro for real-time purposes, you’ll need to contact Credential Direct to start a manual agreement process to subscribe at your own cost for real-time quotes.

*a brokerage industry professional is an Investment Advisor, IR, RR, IA Assistant, Partner, Director, Officer, or other Executive, and any trade desk employee.

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