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Credential Direct was named a top four mobile experience for direct investors! We’re basically like proud parents right now.

Mobile Brokerage Scores

“Online discount brokerage rankings” might not seem like the most exciting topic in the world, but to us, they’re absolutely thrilling. They’re a way to benchmark how well our mix of investor services and technology is performing against the best online brokerages in the industry. That’s why we’re proud to announce that Credential Direct was just ranked as a top four brokerage in Surviscor’s 2017 Mobile Brokerage scorCard Review!

The scorCard is the annual analysis and ranking of the best mobile brokerage services and experiences in Canada–essentially, it’s a measure of how well Credential Direct performs on phones and tablets. Making the top five puts us in the company of some financial heavy hitters, including other best-in-class independent brokerages and two large banks. For an independent brokerage focused on creating better experiences for everyday investors, making it into the Surviscor scorCard top four is a big deal.

You can read all about the full rankings here.

Leading with our Values

When we redesigned Credential Direct this year, we spent a lot of time thinking about how we could make things simpler, more efficient, and all-round better for the everyday investor. Thankfully, those efforts didn’t go unnoticed; We were the most improved brokerage in this year’s scorCard, as we jumped from eighth place to fourth. It means a lot to us that those efforts are resonating and making a difference.

Investing on the Go

Our mobile site uses responsive design to deliver a full website experience that automatically adapts to your mobile device’s screen. We made it a priority to showcase the information our clients used most: Quotes and market information are displayed in a bright, easy to read layout. You can quickly access your account summary and history. And through our revamped trading pages, you can buy and sell equities anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Brokerage Ranking - Credential Direct

Whether you’re at home or on the go, we firmly believe that “do-it-yourself” doesn’t have to mean “do it alone”. We want Credential Direct investors to feel empowered. To trust that they can have the same quality and level of service, no matter where they’re viewing our site. We’re proud to know that our mobile brokerage experience captures that vision, and proud to be ranked as top four mobile brokerage.

Want to see our shiny, responsive mobile site for yourself? Getting started with Credential Direct is as easy as it gets.


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