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Using the Quote Box

The quotes in the Quote Box do not stream but will update on a cycle. Use Get Quote to get a more detailed quote which you can refresh (press F5) or request the quote again.

No. The data displayed is delayed by 20 minutes. You need to click “RT – Level 2” to get the real time prices. You will have to agree to real time quotes the first time you request a real time quote.

No. You can detach the quote box in a new window and watch your stocks even if you’ve logged out of your account and/or have closed the Credential Direct site browser window.

If you’re using a shared computer and want to log out of your account it’s important that you log out properly using the Log Out button. Doing this will ensure that the person after you cannot access your account via the Credential Direct site or through the Ticker.

First ensure that you’ve logged out of your trading account properly using the Log Out button. Then just close the window that hosts the quote box inside.

Click the Custom button in the upper right hand corner of the Ticker. A new browser window will open which will let you add stocks to your watch list. If you know the stock symbol, enter it into the grey box. Then click Save. If you don’t know the symbol name, click on the Symbol Lookup link in the upper right hand corner to look it up.

Up to 25 stocks and/or indices.

The order in which you place them in the Custom window (left to right) is the same order that will display (top to bottom) on your watch list.

Yes, but you must be logged into your Credential Direct account. To buy/sell stocks just click on the Buy or Sell button and you’ll be directed to the Trade > Equities page where you can place an order.

Mon to Fri:
6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time