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March 2008

Description: Detachable streaming ticker

Detachable streaming ticker
It’s back. It’s better. It streams on the trading site. And best of all its free! Customize the Ticker with your own watch list and execute buy/sell orders. It even detaches so you can watch your stocks while doing other things.



Description: Portfolio tracker

Keep better track of your portfolio
Staying on top of your portfolio’s performance has never been easier. Our robust Portfolio Manager tool now let’s you record your trades and determine the Adjusted Cost Basis (ACB) for each transaction and even the combined ACB for all the transactions of a particular stock. Plus there’s enhanced charting, mutual fund alerts and end of day alerts. In addition to tracking stocks, and mutual funds, you can now even track cash and other investments so you know your true net worth. Look for enhanced asset allocation features including by sector, geographic and asset class.



Description: Consolidated account value added

Consolidated account value added
Now you can expand/contract your Account Summary to get individual account values and details, or the total consolidated value of ALL your accounts.



Description: Account History and Holding filters

Account history and holding filters
Our new Account Holdings and History filters allow you to find exactly what you’re looking for. Filter your Holdings by symbol, type or name and your Account History by trade or settlement date, activity, description or symbol. This is especially helpful at tax time.



Description: French speaking investors we now offer French services

French Services
To better serve our French speaking investors we now offer some French services including account opening forms, bilingual Investment Representatives and optional French account statements.



Description: Export your Account History into a CSV file

CSV file exporting
Export your Account History into a CSV file and save a copy for your records or for use in spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel.



Description: Equity Order Trade Defaults

Trade faster
Execute equities orders faster and more easily by creating a personalized trade default with your order preferences. So every time you want to buy or sell, the Trade Equities page automatically populates with your default criteria.



Description: More free research - independent and in-depth company specific reports

More free research
Make informed decisions with our new unbiased, independent and in-depth company specific reports and commentary from eResearch. 



Description: Easier access to mutual fund research

Easier access to mutual fund research
Now get more direct access to mutual fund research, ratings, performance data, and articles, all designed to help you invest confidently.



Description: FX FLAT TRADES (Washing Rates)

FX FLAT TRADES (Washing Rates)
Pay less for US trades. Now when you execute a US$ buy/sell transaction in your registered account (RSP, RIF, LIF etc), and execute another US$ buy/sell transaction that same day, we’ll apply the same foreign exchange rate to both transactions - providing you call us before executing the subsequent US$ transaction.
And soon you’ll even be able to deposit US$ into your account, hold it in cash, and use it to buy US stocks!



Description: LocalSSL Secure™ security software

Improved Security
If you haven’t downloaded our free LocalSSL Secure™ security software, do it now. It’s free. Takes only a few seconds to install. And helps protect against keyloggers and phishing scams. Plus having LocalSSL installed, and complying with other basic safety guidelines, makes you eligible for 100% coverage under our new Access Security Guarantee. Also, for additional peace of mind, we’ve added a new feature that tells you when your account was last logged in to.

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