Commissions & Fees

You shouldn't have to wonder how much it’s going to cost to manage your investments online. Our low equity trade commission price is available to everyone, regardless of your account size or trading activity. Plus, our Commissions & Fees are straightforward and easy to understand.

Please see the full Commissions & Fees Schedule for details.


Other Quarterly Fees
Paper Documents

(Statement, Confirms, Tax Documents)

Securities Held in Registered Name
Foreign Custody
Quarterly Administration Fee

Administration Fee

Waived if any one of the following apply:

  • $15,000+ in cumulative assets*
  • Complete at least 2 commissioned trades in that quarter
  • Have an active pre-authorized contribution (PAC) of at least $100 monthly
  • You've been a client for less than 6 months
*accounts with the same name or names (i.e. the first six digits of the account number are the same)
General Fees
Registered Account Fees

RSPs, RIFs, TFSAs, and RESPs

Included in the Quarterly Administration Fee.

Plan De-Registrations

Full withdrawal

Partial/Unscheduled RIF withdrawal



Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Cheque Request

Stop Payment

NSF Cheque/Returned Items





Account Transfer Out





Internal Transfer Fee

(ledgers and in-kind contributions)


Dividend Re-Investment Plans (DRIPS)


Certificate Registrations





Historical Documents, Investigations

(min $50)

† Including Home Buyer Plans, RESP payments and Lifelong Learning withdrawal.

‡ These fees are not taxable.


Fee Details

  • All accounts under one Client ID number (i.e., having the same client name) are considered to be one "client".
  • "Commissioned trades" are equity, ETF, option or fixed income orders for which a commission has been charged.
  • Clients with pre-authorized contributions (PAC) must have made at least one payment to qualify for the administration fee waiver.
  • Clients must re-qualify for the administration fee waiver each calendar quarter.
  • Fees are charged to the client account with the largest cash balance at the time the fee is assessed. If there is no account with sufficient funds, the fee will be charged to the first available account in the following order: non-registered; TFSA; other registered account. The fee is assessed at the end of each quarter (March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31).
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